Getting started with the EquityTool web app

The EquityTool web app was built for simplicity. Just follow these easy steps to get started.

➀ After signing up and logging in, click the ‘New survey’ button

Click the 'New Survey' button to make your first survey


➁ Create a new survey by writing a name, choosing a country and clicking ‘Create’

If your beneficiaries are all in urban areas and not in rural areas, you should also click the ‘This is an urban-focused survey’ checkbox. This will allow you to see the urban quintiles that your beneficiaries are in as well as the national quintiles. For more information about urban quintiles, click here.



➂ In the survey box, click ‘Enter Data’



➃ Look at the data collection form – these are the questions you need to ask your beneficiaries

This is the form for Bangladesh. The form is different for each country. This one is in the local language, but you can change the language.



You can change the language at the top:



➄ Conduct interviews with beneficiaries using this form on a phone or tablet or computer

You can share the link for the data collection form with as many data collectors as you like. The data they collect will all go into your dataset, so be sure to keep track of who is filling in the form and who they are interviewing.

Once data is entered into the form, click ‘Submit’ at the bottom. Keep interviewing as many respondents as you need (for more information on sample sizes, see the Survey Tips section of this site).

See the ‘Offline Data Collection’ section below for instructions on how to collect the data offline.



After each interview, click ‘Submit’. You have to fill in the whole form before hitting ‘Submit’.



➅ Once you have collected all the data, you can view the results

First, click ‘Sync’ to ensure that the results use all the data you have collected so far. The number of submissions shown should match the number of beneficiaries you interviewed.


➆ View your report!

Now you can view your results. You’ll see the percentage of your beneficiaries in each wealth quintile. For more information on interpreting quintile results, click here.

Now you can view your results. You'll see the percentage of your beneficiaries in each wealth quintile. For more information on interpreting quintile results, click here


Offline Data Collection:

Once you’ve visited the data collection link on your device as its connected to the internet, you can then use the form offline on that device. Just make sure that the green check mark is there in the top left:


If the green check mark is there, you can now use this form offline. Just reopen the same link in the same browser and the form should be there. You can collect data offline, and then later when you are back online, you can upload the data.


To upload data that you collected offline, click on the number below the green check mark when you are back online. You can then upload the data and it will appear in your results.


You can see the forms that you collected offline, and then click ‘upload’ when you are back online